Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A wish

Is dreaming like eating ice cream?
Swimming in the ocean?
What if the things outside of us
were only imagined?
I can close my eyes and feel the sun
So how come when I close my eyes
I feel you
You're not really there?
An illusion
trick of  my mind
I am playing on  myself
like a piano
A string on a guitar
A song that is sung
not written yet
a book
I have yet to create
only in my mind
nothing outside of me
only in
You're only inside
not real
just a wish
not had
For I cannot live within myself
It would be considered treason
beyond reason
melting me
would I disappear
but what if
 what I made up
was real
What if you are the lie?
Then am I the crazy one?
Left to mutter in the corner
Thinking I am warm and safe
with the world closing in?
    Angela K. Crandall

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quote of the Day.

"If you dream inside the darkness is it truly void of light?"-thought based on my first short story.-Angela Crandall, Author

Thursday, July 24, 2014


"Being successful to me means not letting others define how you go about introducing your stories, not sticking to one genre, but exploring many. I just cannot put myself in the box so many authors are saying you must do in order to achieve greatness. I need to achieve greatness because I do not fit into the box of order they say you must present, and, or represent."-Angela K. Crandall

Friday, July 18, 2014

Forward Thinking

"Dipping your brush into different colored ink to form pictures is similar to that of placing your feet in the ocean to find out if you belong there. If we don't try, research, or explore our options, then we will never truly know where we belong. If we continue to use our imaginations in spite of those who tell us to act our age then we never really grow old, or give up instead we inspire."-Angela Crandall, Author

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A fun Website to help you with Grammar. I know I need it!

Here is a link to help you with grammar, or overused words. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/plague.htm

Another good app: https://app.grammarly.com/

Have a great day!
                         Angela Crandall

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Past Tense

"I lay in the shadows of the night. The air is cool I tip up my head to stare at the stars. Sometimes I wish I was one of them. Maybe someday I will be, glowing bright in someone's life. Not just while I am on earth, but after I am gone. Time goes by so fast. I keep trying to grasp, to treasure each moment, but some as always remain better than others. I touch my tree behind me. Thank you, I think, thank you for your strong trunk, your leaves that turn red's, gold's, and yellows, for October days that will arrive once summer is gone. I look out into space letting myself be unaware of anything, but now. This moment, once gone, gone forever as time marches on I hope to move forward. I can never go back."-Angela K. Crandall, Author

Monday, July 07, 2014

3 More days Left!

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"Enter my mind Fallen, that leads you to Despair, Hope is given, and We Up-rise to conquer it contemplating until we find Acceptance and Renewal, then last we Reflect on what was. This book of poetry and Monologues is a Journey of emotions, get ready for the ride don't be scard for fear is only holding you back. Take a Leap of Faith, No longer should you hold back that voice inside you. I might be the one to help you find it, or Maybe just Maybe you might help me."-Angela K. Crandall